Friday, May 11, 2007

juicy, juicy mangoes

you know, everytime there is a mango nearby, i look at it. i smell it. smells good. okay, i'm going to try it. nibble, nibble. blech!!! they look delicious and juicy, but i can't stand the taste. and i still try them over and over. (you thought this post was about something else!) i also am always trying cantaloupe. nope, don't like it. olives. salty, yes. good, no! black, green, or otherwise - yuck. it's not that i'm picky, because (as i said), i am always trying these things over and over and i can't get my palate to like them. funny thing is, i didn't grow up eating any of these, so i think that has something to do with it.


embee said...

i don't get olives, are they are fruit or a vegetable or in the nut family? they make no sense to me.

morninglory kitsch said...

i think they are a fruit. fruit is supposed to be sweet not salty and oily. i do use olive oil in cooking, though.