Wednesday, May 16, 2007

i'm not on the p.t.o.

okay, so it's my second year of being mom to a school ager coming to a close. i've found that seeing a lot of the same people all the time has resulted in my creating nicknames for them in my head. hot dad. dorky dad. bad, bad mullet dad. then there's the mom of the over achiever in my daughter's class. yes, i want my child to succeed, but not at the expense of making every other kid in the class look bad. anyway, back to the mom. driving thru the parking lot this morning, i spied that she wears granny panties. total vindication! i win for being the cool mom. btw, my daughter has told her cousin that i had surgery on my arm. i guess she came to that conclusion because i couldn't use my arms for a week.


tinkerstinker said...

hahhaaa. go bailey. that's awesome. my mom had arm surgery. and for some reasons her boobs got all swollen from it.

morninglory kitsch said...

ha ha ha ha!!! she hasn't noticed.