Tuesday, May 1, 2007


This is morninglory's mom. She asked me to update her blog on what happened... do you have a couple hours? big sigh... MG had her surgery but a little mistake happened and we ended up having to get x rays done and then they immediately sent us to the emergency room. Her lung was punctured and it started collapsing, so they had to put a tube in to drain fluids and equalize pressure. It was hard for her to breathe. The first day was full of anxiety and stress. This is the second day of recovery and she's doing better than yesterday. She's actually talking out loud, but has to lay around all day and watch me work when she's awake. You know, things like.. comb her hair, feed her, give her meds and drinks, cook, clean, laundry, take care of the baby... it made me wonder again how did I ever do it with 3 kids? More focus and energy I guess. Anyway, it's not about me..... lol. Any more details MG will have to give you herself.


tinkerstinker said...

i'm selfishly happy that i had something to read today. shame on me. i love you krista. get better.

Christel-Jana said...

omg are you ok? call me

never ever having surgery again Jen said...

i love how your mom said " a little mistake happened..." get better soon friend!