Tuesday, May 29, 2007

honor old reruns, observe marathon day!

it seems that government holidays anymore mean that every channel outside of the 'big 3(or 4)' has to run 12-15 hour marathons of one of their marquis shows. sometimes it's a good one: the first 2 seasons of monk (i missed those), or man vs. wild (i love the accent, and the guy's name is bear - that's hot). sometimes it's exhausting: 14 previously viewed episodes of law & order: criminal intent. i like the show, but so many people dying in one day??? sometimes it's boring: all the episodes i just watched of deadliest catch, again. sometimes it's odd curiosity: little people, big world.
it's as if they gave everyone at the network the day off too and just popped in the season dvd's to these shows and everyone went home to their brats (wurst, not children) and beers. if you're gonna put a show on marathon mode, make it worthwhile.

like macgyver.

okay, just kidding.


Shannon said...

We all know why you want to watch MacGyver. I am all about the "What Not to Wear" marathons....but then that shows how big a loser I am.

tinker said...

we totally watched little people big world and deadliest catch this weekend too. nice. i heart the discovery channel.