Wednesday, April 29, 2009

my new favorite obsession

this french woman makes the most exquisite polymer food miniatures.

these cakes are less than an inch across!

i love these guys!
she had some awesome sushi plate earrings and a pendant that are already gone from her shop.
ps she is offering a $35 giveaway.

Monday, April 27, 2009


was it worth it?
8 keeper trout. i caught 5.

Friday, April 24, 2009

my 5 cars

1) My topaz was white with a 'sporty' luggage rack on the back. It was 10 years old when my parents gave it to me. The driver's side auto window was broken. It had a tendency to overheat (resulting in me running the heater on my feet to keep it cool). The spring in the driver's door handle was broken, so if you didn't push it back in, the door would just bounce off the car when you shut it. An extremely cold winter shorted out the horn, so whenever the temp fell below 50, the horn would blare for hours (Dad removed the fuse). It would accelerate uncontrollably when you took your foot off the brake (I reached 70 once without touching the gas). Sold it so I could buy a computer for college. I loved that car.

2) My Neon. Bought it used in '97 for $6k. I found a chicken wing bone in the cushions of the passenger seat. Totalled it in '99 and bought #3 with the $3500 insurance money.

3) Mercury Sable. I hated it. Immediately after purchase the head gasket blew and we had to shell out $1800. It continued to torment me for 2 years. Traded it in on #4 in 2001.

4) My 2002 Escape. My first new car. I remember driving it and the mileage read 24. I backed into the column of our house and knocked off the side mirror when I hit a mailbox. Sold it to my husband's boss when we got #5.

5) My 2006 Escape. My Opa & Oma's car. Opa would haul manure and plants in the back. Oma lost her mind a few months after Opa passed away, and she signed over their almost new car to me because she thought she was going to die. Turns out she had a very bad psychiatrist who put her on anti-psychotic drugs. She has completely recovered and bought herself a Smartcar. There's been no lingering smell.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

imitation - the sincerest form of flattery

i saw what tink did with paper and vinyl to make a Bible cover. so i made one myself.

(please don't leave me for her artistic flair and phantastic fotography. i need you!)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

fx 2009 is fun!

that's right, it's been over a year, but fx is here again. i only went to meet one celeb. james kyson lee: ando from heroes.
but we (shannon and i) ended up making some new friends, too. derrick and lakesha. they were so cool!
derrick's comic character (i thought) resembled someone i know very well.
i even talked to jewel staite, from one of my favorites - wonderfalls.
and leonard nimoy!!! crazy, right?

Friday, April 17, 2009

these are my confessions...

monday i caught myself laughing at an episode of reba.

i've listened to rhett and link's songs so much that they invade my sleep.

when i watch commercials with voice-overs, i stress out about who the voice is:
tom selleck, tim allen, richard dreyfus, lisa loeb, gary sinise, lauren graham, john krasinski, etc.

i'm a control freak - about certain things.

i've tried to figure out which is my best side.

i hate paying a doctor for diagnosing something that can be treated at home or with otc drugs. therefore, i usually try to wait something out and treat it myself.

i think i have a stress fracture in my foot. the bad part is, i've been working out every day this week and today it feels the worst.

i collect celebrities. meaning: i have met and photographed as many as i can.

i struggle with depression sometimes. not chronic depression, but having the blues and feeling like a schlub. you can google it.

i sometimes wonder - if i hadn't moved in the 8th grade, would i have been popular, like the two friends i left behind? or was i just holding them back the whole time?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

in case you missed it...

i don't know if you watch the oscars, but this year's recession themed oscars had one of the best opening numbers ever. probably due to the fact that hugh jackman was hosting. please watch it.

best taco bell employee...ever

it started for me with the shamwow song, but i have come to love rhett and link. okay, well that pretty much happened as soon as i saw the shamwow song, but it grew after watching all their videos. this is the latest one and it illustrates the best taco bell employee ever. i wish this guy worked in our town.

coming to grips with addiction...

and knowing the signs of hidden addictions. hoarding, longing, it's all you can think about. we all have at least one. sometimes they can temporarily go dormant, but are always lurking ready to pounce when we find ourselves weak and in the wrong place at the wrong time. addiction. i was recently in a situation in which i had to make a decision. it was a very hard decision. either way i was giving in to my addiction, but with either decision, that thirst would not be satiated. i only had enough ca$h for one hit, but i really wanted two. in the end, i chose one and still got two more that were cheaper. as i tried to nestle away my bundles so they might not be noticed, i realized just how far this had gone.

i'm running out of shelf space. and i have an attachment to series. okay, i'm addicted to books. not just reading them, but buying them, collecting them, trading them online. hoarding money and those all too scarce barnes & noble gift cards, waiting for just the right book to come along. do i buy inkdeath or brsingr? waiting for the paperbacks of eclipse and diamond of darkhold to emerge so i can scoop them up at discounted prices. i have accommodated my shelf with a few necessary holes ready to embrace the needed additions to complete the collections. where does it end? so i have all 7 harry potters, 7 narnias, 5 elyons, 5 spiderwicks, 3 inks, 4 twilights, 8 jane austen mysteries (of which i have read 1/3 of the first one), and on and on...

two shelves on the wall, two shelves in a case, two shelves in my closet. where are my cutbacks? who says i need to cut back?

this shelf in my closet is 2 books deep, it includes instructional, informational, inspirational and travel.

this is my non-fiction, classics and journals.

my main bookshelves. all fiction, some poetry. you can see the gaps i've left for brsingr, the ember series and eclipse.

my special shelves. the top one is devoted to all things jane austen, and the second shelf is all things j.r.r. tolkien.

i am in possession of a speed-reading dvd/book. if i can get through that course, i can have these books read in no time.

Monday, April 6, 2009

throwing down the gauntlet

i made these gauntlets with circular knitting needles. i know i should be able to use 1 needle to make these, but i'm finding that if i use 2, it looks much smoother. these should be great wrist-warmers.