Saturday, April 18, 2009

fx 2009 is fun!

that's right, it's been over a year, but fx is here again. i only went to meet one celeb. james kyson lee: ando from heroes.
but we (shannon and i) ended up making some new friends, too. derrick and lakesha. they were so cool!
derrick's comic character (i thought) resembled someone i know very well.
i even talked to jewel staite, from one of my favorites - wonderfalls.
and leonard nimoy!!! crazy, right?


mom said...

omg, you are soooooooooooooo beautiful!!!! ando is so darling...

Lakesha said...

I enjoyed meeting and chatting with you and Shannon. Your photo with James Kyson Lee is fantastic. I hope that it was worth the wait. Derrick and I might get a vendor's table for Eyecon. I will let you and Shannon know.

I think your blog is awesome. Well done!

Please keep in touch.

tinka what what said...

wow, ando looks hot. and you look like you went to prom together or something.