Friday, April 17, 2009

these are my confessions...

monday i caught myself laughing at an episode of reba.

i've listened to rhett and link's songs so much that they invade my sleep.

when i watch commercials with voice-overs, i stress out about who the voice is:
tom selleck, tim allen, richard dreyfus, lisa loeb, gary sinise, lauren graham, john krasinski, etc.

i'm a control freak - about certain things.

i've tried to figure out which is my best side.

i hate paying a doctor for diagnosing something that can be treated at home or with otc drugs. therefore, i usually try to wait something out and treat it myself.

i think i have a stress fracture in my foot. the bad part is, i've been working out every day this week and today it feels the worst.

i collect celebrities. meaning: i have met and photographed as many as i can.

i struggle with depression sometimes. not chronic depression, but having the blues and feeling like a schlub. you can google it.

i sometimes wonder - if i hadn't moved in the 8th grade, would i have been popular, like the two friends i left behind? or was i just holding them back the whole time?


Shannon said...

Unsurprisingly, I either know or believe everything you said. However, I am going to put in my own 2 cents and say that you are absolutely fabulous now (and not in the effeminate tone of voice either), and had everything not happened the way that it did, you probably would not be who you are, which again is absolutely Brilliant!

mom said...

wow, you really put it out there. you are so brave. you think the girls you left behind became poopular? whatever happened, happened and you are an incredible individual now! shannon, you are an amazing person and a great friend to have.