Friday, September 28, 2007

jim & pam / take me out to the acne

i just finished watching the 1 hour season premier of the office because last night i was at a baseball game. more on that later.
i am soooo happy that jim and pam are finally together and the fact that they kept us in the relative dark for the first 1/2 hour was great, because it made the revelation of the truth that much better. yea!!!!! pb&j!!
okay, baseball. went to the yankees/devil rays game at tropicana field in tampa last night. no one scored until the 4th or 5th inning. there was a very loud lush sitting near us the entire time. i was sickened by the middle-aged floozies shopping for baseball players. and the previously empty row in front of us was overrun with 3 young dating couples. but about the couple directly in my line of sight to home-plate. the girl started by constantly trying to pull the guys hat low over his eyebrow. i didn't know why. when she got up one of the 8 times to get more beer, he took off his hat and i noticed his 2 zits above his eyebrow. then, of course, trying to watch the game and here she is with her big fake nails, picking and squeezing on his face. totally grody, like, gag me with a spoon.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

the next freddy, jason, mike meyers? the drug industry

why do pharmaceutical companies release drugs on the unsuspecting, drug-craving public before they have been thoroughly tested? $$$$$
the latest...
fosamax, an osteoporosis drug pushed on old women has now been found to cause jawbone destruction. you know those aging women, whose beauty is fading and the 'grace' of old age is descending hard on them. let's destroy their faces with a drug their doctors pushed on them for their own personal kick-backs. that will help their quality of life.
sometimes capitalism sucks.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

bogarting by bff's hair

yes, i cut my hair and actually put a pic of myself on here. here's to you, tink. this dress was also on sale, but since me mum bought it, it was free to me. do we look alike now?

Friday, September 21, 2007

radio listening focus group - second night

well, it's done. i have $80 in my pocket, and i was nervously anticipating the opening God would give me with robin. this time, they had the light on in the retched holding room. robin was sitting there by herself again and i sat with her. we were let into the testing room to endure the snippets again. they told us we wouldn't be having a break because we only had an hour of music to listen to. i thought, great, no break means no talking. we got done and the most amazing thing happened. well, not so amazing if you know God. robin asked me if i could give her a ride home. i couldn't believe it. i agreed immediately. and even though a guy from the group tried to give me his number, i was so focused on how i would reach out to robin, i just pushed that aside as nicely as i could. i took the paper, but it is file 13 fodder. i asked her if she went to church anywhere and she told me she was catholic. great, God, you start me off with a hard sell. i forged on anyway. she told me that since her brother had died in '88 (i was in 5th grade), she hadn't been back to church. she must've been a teenager. so i invited her to our church and told her how relaxed and open they are and she sounded genuinely enthusiastic. we traded numbers and she even hugged me when i dropped her off. i hope she comes. this is the most excited i've been in a long time. all i had to do was ask.

also in the news: i am totally psyched about going to see brian regan tonite!!! he is my favorite comedian - hands down.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

radio listening focus group - first night

last night i participated in a focus group on radio listening preferences. it was less like a focus group and more like a trippy 2 hour session of the SATs. not trippy because of drugs, but rather the 7 second snippets of drug-induced music. and the loathed rod stewart/phil collins songs. it was scary, we were put in this holding room that was dark and no one was talking. so i immediately made a friend with a lady named robin. they moved us to the room full of tables and we sat down with our scantron booklets and #2 pencils. we sat down behind a guy that was the illegitimate child of pete rose and steve irwin (you know, crocodile hunter). robin and i sat together with one other guy at our table, and i'll tell you who he looked like when i figure it out. robin, i noticed, is a cutter. she must be going through something right now because one of the shallow slices amidst the numerous scars on her arm was relatively recent. i realized that tonight is my only chance to reach out to her before i never see her again, possibly for eternity. if you're reading this pray that i'll have the right thing to say to her tonight.
in lighter news, i tried to go 2 days (or was it only 1??) without my energy drink. i give up. if i'm going to get anything done, i'll have to have 1 in the morning. but that's it. i figure, it's the same as one cup of coffee. and when have i ever made a pot of coffee without drinking the whole thing??? it helps when i throw it in with my smoothie mix rich in antioxidants. boring!!! today's goal is to put away the clothes in my room and try to get my room clean. something i have battled my whole life. right, mom?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

trying to detox

i just read a not quite convincing article on the dangers of energy drinks. it just reminds me how bad caffeine is for you. so now i'm trying to figure out what i can get to keep me awake because right now i'm wanting to take a nap. at 8:55a.m.

also working on a new fiction novel for young adults. i'm really excited about it, but i'm not telling anyone what it's about. but i am entertaining ideas on an abstract title. some help???

saw a depressing indie film yesterday. junebug. anyone? anyone? at this point i don't know of any indie film i would recommend.

wesley snipes is here again today. woo.

Monday, September 17, 2007


i'm admitting i have a problem. a drinking problem. it is affecting my everyday life. i can't function or have any energy to do anything if i don't get a fix. i'm afraid to quit because i think i'll just curl up in a ball and sleep for 3 days. my habit is expensive, too. it was running around $7 every 3-4 days. but i found a cheap substitute at $5 for 20 days, but even with the lower price, i'm afraid of the side effects. it keeps me up till 1 am and i want to crash at 9:30 am. if i don't get my fix immediately, it can ruin my day. what is my addiction?

energy drinks. i mean, coffee is so 1962. and the fancy coffee drinks are way overpriced. now i'm addicted to some weird adult kool-aid minus the cyanide. at least the effect is almost instantaneous.

okay, i said it. now i feel better. but i'll still need to drink to function.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

my sister, the model

this is my little sister. i guess getting married is freeing...
i love the first one.

Friday, September 14, 2007

just for fun

i thought i'd just put up some random pics for fun.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

too many youtubers

when did become the norm for any moron with a video camera or camera phone to shoot a bunch of crap, post it online and people will watch it? and why does no one care about the massive amounts of language involved. oh that we lived in the more genteel times of jane austen, when only surly rogues used rough language and never around a lady. i've always wondered what time period i would want to live in had i the choice, and given the right circumstances, jane austen's day sounds good to me.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

brush with fame

this weekend in orlando at universal studios, i was picked from the audience to participate in the horror make-up show. i told shannon i was going to be picked before we even went in. maybe i have 'the sight'. anyway, they tried to cut off my arm, unsuccessfully tried to scare me with a fake arm and pretended that i was controlling a werewolf robot, which was a person in a costume. all that and a few jokes at my expense and i hope everyone enjoyed it.
ps orlando ikea opens 11/19!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

he's got legs

okay, i know the layout (really?) for these pics is not profesh, but...
i went to rock the universe this weekend and saw jars of clay -
one of my all time favorite bands for various reasons, but now i have added a new reason.
can you guess?
we saw them in sound check - looked normal and all. i even said, 'now they are gonna go get cleaned up for the set later.' little did i know...
all 5 of them came out ready for gym class and for 75 minutes, we all (well, not the guys in the crowd) enjoyed it immensely. we agreed that their tour should be called:
'the shorty-short tour 2007'
absolutely lovely time.

we made it through 3 days with just lunch everyday and a granola bar at night. and we lived! i almost lost it in the sardine crowd at the relient k concert, but only almost.
please comment!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

it's a nice day for a white wedding

billy idol again, i don't know...

so, as promised, here are the pics from my cousin's horseback wedding.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

update for those who care

i did not get my shoes. runningmom03 won them on ebay for $43 + $10 shipping and i couldn't justify going that high. but i found the perfect violet croc wedge kitten heels at payless for $22. so it works for me. i went to my cousin's wedding this weekend. he and his lady got married ...... on horseback!!! the whole time. it was kindof cool. and their horses were so well behaved. it was good to see the fam again, even though i just saw them at my sis' wedding in july. mom and pop and bro were here also this weekend and it was good to see them. i was brutally intimidated by a condescending sewing machine repairman. yes, a man that sews talked down to me. then tried to sell me a $1000 baby loc embroidery machine. i don't even embroider, but i'd like to. not for $1000, though. ugh, he sounded like george w, too, so i thought he'd be nice to me. i wanted to cry, and go back and yell at him. if you're not supposed to adjust the tension on your machine, why do they put the dial on the outside of the machine? 'just leave that to the professionals' >WHAM!!!< that's me giving him the elbow. a little pms. so he tightened my bobbin and charged me $13!!! like i pay for the insults on the way out. not ever going back there. i'll find a lovely grandma lady to help me with my machine.