Friday, September 21, 2007

radio listening focus group - second night

well, it's done. i have $80 in my pocket, and i was nervously anticipating the opening God would give me with robin. this time, they had the light on in the retched holding room. robin was sitting there by herself again and i sat with her. we were let into the testing room to endure the snippets again. they told us we wouldn't be having a break because we only had an hour of music to listen to. i thought, great, no break means no talking. we got done and the most amazing thing happened. well, not so amazing if you know God. robin asked me if i could give her a ride home. i couldn't believe it. i agreed immediately. and even though a guy from the group tried to give me his number, i was so focused on how i would reach out to robin, i just pushed that aside as nicely as i could. i took the paper, but it is file 13 fodder. i asked her if she went to church anywhere and she told me she was catholic. great, God, you start me off with a hard sell. i forged on anyway. she told me that since her brother had died in '88 (i was in 5th grade), she hadn't been back to church. she must've been a teenager. so i invited her to our church and told her how relaxed and open they are and she sounded genuinely enthusiastic. we traded numbers and she even hugged me when i dropped her off. i hope she comes. this is the most excited i've been in a long time. all i had to do was ask.

also in the news: i am totally psyched about going to see brian regan tonite!!! he is my favorite comedian - hands down.


Shannon said...

That is awesome....God is great and prayer always works!!!!!

Anonymous said...

totally cool, mg! why was some guy trying to give you his number? lol wow. anyway, a car ride is such a nice long private time to talk. what's amazing is that she needed a ride, for one, and also that she felt free to ask you. well, u did leave yourself open to however God wanted to handle it. yesterday in church, we turned around to meet and greet and this lady asked me if i lived in [my development] and i said yes! she said her daughter recognized me. apparently, i'm chihuahua lady. my friend kathy who i walk with is called, walking lady. very original, these people. they give names to everyone in neighborhood. i said, do you walk that black and white fluff dog? she laughed and said yes. hahaha