Friday, September 28, 2007

jim & pam / take me out to the acne

i just finished watching the 1 hour season premier of the office because last night i was at a baseball game. more on that later.
i am soooo happy that jim and pam are finally together and the fact that they kept us in the relative dark for the first 1/2 hour was great, because it made the revelation of the truth that much better. yea!!!!! pb&j!!
okay, baseball. went to the yankees/devil rays game at tropicana field in tampa last night. no one scored until the 4th or 5th inning. there was a very loud lush sitting near us the entire time. i was sickened by the middle-aged floozies shopping for baseball players. and the previously empty row in front of us was overrun with 3 young dating couples. but about the couple directly in my line of sight to home-plate. the girl started by constantly trying to pull the guys hat low over his eyebrow. i didn't know why. when she got up one of the 8 times to get more beer, he took off his hat and i noticed his 2 zits above his eyebrow. then, of course, trying to watch the game and here she is with her big fake nails, picking and squeezing on his face. totally grody, like, gag me with a spoon.


tinkerstinker said...

i heart jim. they were so stinking cute.

Anonymous said...

oh that picking zit stuff is soooooooooooo udderly [sic] disgusting. trust you to pick up on stuff like that. glad i could babysit.