Sunday, September 9, 2007

he's got legs

okay, i know the layout (really?) for these pics is not profesh, but...
i went to rock the universe this weekend and saw jars of clay -
one of my all time favorite bands for various reasons, but now i have added a new reason.
can you guess?
we saw them in sound check - looked normal and all. i even said, 'now they are gonna go get cleaned up for the set later.' little did i know...
all 5 of them came out ready for gym class and for 75 minutes, we all (well, not the guys in the crowd) enjoyed it immensely. we agreed that their tour should be called:
'the shorty-short tour 2007'
absolutely lovely time.

we made it through 3 days with just lunch everyday and a granola bar at night. and we lived! i almost lost it in the sardine crowd at the relient k concert, but only almost.
please comment!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG, legs, legs, he's got legs... worth seeing live, I'm sure..

Shannon said...

If I knew the shorty shorts tour was happening live, I would see every show in Florida simply for the amusement it would create. We would totally be roadies or groupies for them hahahah

Lisa said...

eeek... I'm not sure about those shorty shorts. Justin was there for Relient K and Toby Mac - did you all see each other?

morninglory kitsch said...

i didn't see him. there was only like, 1000 people there.