Wednesday, September 19, 2007

trying to detox

i just read a not quite convincing article on the dangers of energy drinks. it just reminds me how bad caffeine is for you. so now i'm trying to figure out what i can get to keep me awake because right now i'm wanting to take a nap. at 8:55a.m.

also working on a new fiction novel for young adults. i'm really excited about it, but i'm not telling anyone what it's about. but i am entertaining ideas on an abstract title. some help???

saw a depressing indie film yesterday. junebug. anyone? anyone? at this point i don't know of any indie film i would recommend.

wesley snipes is here again today. woo.


tinka tinka what said...

that's why you should only rent indie films i tell you to. like 'millions'. it'll make you happy.

tinka wit' it said...

wait, wesley snipes is at your house? is there something you need to explain?

morninglory kitsch said...

not at my house. here in town.