Tuesday, September 4, 2007

update for those who care

i did not get my shoes. runningmom03 won them on ebay for $43 + $10 shipping and i couldn't justify going that high. but i found the perfect violet croc wedge kitten heels at payless for $22. so it works for me. i went to my cousin's wedding this weekend. he and his lady got married ...... on horseback!!! the whole time. it was kindof cool. and their horses were so well behaved. it was good to see the fam again, even though i just saw them at my sis' wedding in july. mom and pop and bro were here also this weekend and it was good to see them. i was brutally intimidated by a condescending sewing machine repairman. yes, a man that sews talked down to me. then tried to sell me a $1000 baby loc embroidery machine. i don't even embroider, but i'd like to. not for $1000, though. ugh, he sounded like george w, too, so i thought he'd be nice to me. i wanted to cry, and go back and yell at him. if you're not supposed to adjust the tension on your machine, why do they put the dial on the outside of the machine? 'just leave that to the professionals' >WHAM!!!< that's me giving him the elbow. a little pms. so he tightened my bobbin and charged me $13!!! like i pay for the insults on the way out. not ever going back there. i'll find a lovely grandma lady to help me with my machine.

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