Wednesday, May 30, 2007

the oddity that is jason schwartzman

i have now seen 4 movies with jason sch... and though i enjoy the sight of his brother, robert, much better - this post is about him.
it seems that he has these characters that are very hard to like.
he's an obnoxious teenager with a crush on a teacher and he endlessly thwarts the attempts of the older man (bill murray) to woo the single teacher.
he's an obnoxious agent of the slightly less obnoxious character that will ferrell plays and he endlessly attempts to thwart the inevitable getting together of jack and isabel just by being an arse. it's not like he actually does anything proactive.
marie antoinette
he's louis xvi, short, a little chubby, and a cold fish in the sack. what's to like?
this is my most recent viewing attempt to find something that i like him in.
he's a scungy, gungy single guy with few prospects when he meets the girl (claire danes). she soon after is wooed by the older man (this time it's steve martin) and even though we have to endure old man love (it's gross) ***spoiler alert*** he, being steve martin, breaks her heart. meanwhile, scungy has been focusing his life and making himself more successful, and slightly less scungy. he unknowingly walks back into her life at the right moment and she finds real love. unfortunately, you only start to like him about 15 minutes before the movie ends.

i love grapes.


Shannon said...

Jason Schwartzman, hairy, somewhat strange....definitely not someone I would choose to have intimate relations with haha (Why Clair Danes, Why???).

Kelly said...

i like him. he's hilarious in that movie...i can't remember the name...where he's in college, and he's obsessed with this girl, and makes a doll out of her hair. anyways, i've met him before...he was really nice in person, and was very concerned that my husband and i cut in line to meet him.

tinker said...

wow. i don't think i've seen any of those movies.

morninglory kitsch said...

i'm glad he's nice in person. it probably makes it more fun to play such revolting characters.

morninglory kitsch said...

ps you are awesome for meeting him

Kelly said...

i'm awesome for many reasons.

morninglory kitsch said...

i bet.