Tuesday, August 14, 2007

it's a new post day!!!

yes, i must get back to doing this every day. for my fan. and my mom. so now i must edit my content. :( kind of kidding. i've been busy watching brotherhood 2.0, thus neglecting my own blog. despicable. prepping for a yard sale this sat, mostly furniture, so hopefully i'll be free of excess pieces of wood. next project, a shelf spanning the length of the living room for my books and other sundries. also, laugh if you will, carving my very own wand. it will be an american light wood wand made of crepe myrtle, don't know the magical capabilities of crepe myrtle - i may be taking my life into my own hands, but we'll see. and yes, i said wand. i'm living in a realm of other worldliness, vicariously through a 7 year-old. school is about to start and i'm not quite ready. my two gals and i are going to rock the universe this year - so excited. love universal studios.

forever yours,
ginny potter


tinka tinka what said...

yay for new posts. i think it's really sad that i'm friends with a girl who carves wands all day. maybe i shouldn't have said that, now you're going to turn me into a very ugly frog. with your wand. that you widdled. out of fancy wood.

Shannon said...

hmmm, maybe we should start calling the hubby Harry...wonder how he'd react....haha

morninglory kitsch said...

i haven't started carving, but i have my small branch ready. i wouldn't turn you into a toad, maybe i'd turn you into the real tink. you are already the same size. i guess i'd just be adding wings and bleaching your hair, oh and your voice would be the tinkling of bells.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed that after your mom starts reading your blog you have to edit the content!!!???? what the crap??? u can see I don't edit mine. hmph