Wednesday, March 11, 2009

itired of isucky ifree itunes isongs

oooo! they said. get an ipod because you get free songs every week. so i've had my classic 80 gb ipod which i'll never fill up - and proud of it - for just over a year. i've enjoyed sampling and 'buying' the free songs. some of them just stink. i've found several songs that sounded good for the 10 seconds they let you hear it. then, i'm minding my own business, playing my songs in alpha-order so i don't get stuck listening to the same songs over and over, and it comes out of nowhere. like an annoying dagger to the ear. the same chord with the same unintelligible lyrics over and over for 3 1/2 minutes. at some point i have to pull up my itunes (when i think of it), find the offensive song (if you can call it that) and gladly delete it. and click yes, i'm sure. and click send to recycle folder. don't be mistaken, i have found great songs on there for free - addison road, honey honey, etc. but they are exceptions. if only we could personalize our itunes store to choose free songs within our exclusive music taste. or they should give coupons to get a free song, any song, of your choice. just a thought.

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Jana said...

I cannot share in your itunes woa's for alas I do not have an ipod. By the way, why do you call her dot?