Thursday, March 12, 2009

another group of american idol look-alikes

last night i was perfectly fine with who was eliminated on american idol. i certainly didn't want emo ewan macgregor and young robert downey jr. eliminated. see for yourself:

ewan macgregor/adam lambert

robert downey jr./danny gokey


Paul & Amy said...

Gokey is my FAVE!! I really like Megan, though, too. She has a unique flair about her.

Shannon said...

I love these two, and several others...I thought last year was so talented, this one is even more talented. I can't wait to see what happens!

McMom-ish said...

'ello luv! I like your quirky "nod to the irish" avatar! the goulash went over very well, it was almost gone!

smurf mom said...

btw, check out me new facebook profile pic taken at the ladies potluck. we smeared blue frosting on parts of us. in case you can't tell, mine was me two front teeth. cheeky!