Wednesday, March 18, 2009

proud to be a mom

2 nights ago, i started teaching dot to knit. she was having difficulty casting on. (what beginner doesn't?) she stumbled through her first row of stitches before i sent her off to bed. the next day, she brought her project in the car with her to work on while driving to school. in 20 minutes, she had finished one row of 14 stitches. she said she wished she could work on it in school. on the way home - another row. i had to make sure she got her homework done before working on it some more. today it was the same thing, but she's getting faster. two rows on the way to school. i don't know why it's so exciting to me that she likes knitting, but it is. i just learned last summer from my mom - who had just recently picked it up herself. well, there you go.

a recent trip to busch gardens resulted in some beautiful tiger pics. yes, i took these.


embee said...

You should get her the "Kids Knitting" by Melanie Fallick book. I learned to knit from it (mostly, anyway... I had an understanding from my Grandma)

It has lots of great projects for kids in it!

knitmom purlmom said...

wow! awesome pics, and dot is so cute there and I'm so proud of her and you, too! I think I'll get that book embee said too!

gammy said...

love that yarn color! how far is she now [since you haven't put any new posts up... yaaawwwwwnnnn]

Shannon said...

I think its funny how that last tiger's butt looks like a heart haha

Molly said...

First let me say, congrats to Bailey for learning to knit. My Granny taught me to crochet when I was around 9.

Secondly, OH MY GOODNESS! Those tigers are beautiful! I remember them always having a white one and an orange one---I noticed in your pictures there seems to be a 3rd one-a mix between the white & orange? did they have a baby?
I LOOOOOOOOVE tigers! I cant WAIT to have a good camera for the next time we go there! gOOD JOB ON THE PICS! BEAUTIFUL!