Tuesday, May 20, 2008

mary, mary quite contrary...

how does my garden grow???
as you can see, we mulched and the little plants are doing well. i only lost a couple of them. also several wild flowers have popped up from seeds i threw out there.
i call these tiny snapdragon impersonators.
some cute periwinkle colored flowers. i don't think they are periwinkles, though.
my gardenias are blooming now.
these are tomatoes i'm growing in two containers by my front door. they are called garden peach. i will show you why when they ripen.


garden gnome said...

Wow!!! so beautiful and i'm so proud of you! [considering your heritage of black thumbedness on my part, not opa's] Good job!

Shannon said...

They are very beautiful

tinka said...

i love gardenias. you need to cut one and float it in a bowl of water in the center of your table. for me please.