Saturday, April 30, 2011

hot fun in the summertime

my word, it is HOT outside. i was sweating while i watched the kids' soccer games this morning. i was roasting while i watched dot work on a pottery wheel this afternoon. those who know me know that i do not like the heat. why do i live in the south? i would like it to always be between 40 and 60 degrees. always. i love scarves and sweaters, but i don't like frostbite or bitter numbness. i love crisp, brisk wind, and pulling a blazer just a bit tighter as i shop downtown.

i ordered a new cell phone. it was renewal/upgrade time. i don't know where the time went, i didn't think i had had my old one this long. i guess it had been 2 years. amazing. your choice of a 'cool' phone is limited when you don't have or want a data plan. here's the one i picked. my old phone was a slider with a touch screen and full qwerty. i don't like touch screens. so i got this lg octane that is a side flip with a full qwerty.

of course when i get a phone, i immediately shop for a hard cover. i was tired of my old one, and wanted something new. i looked and looked. eh. no. mmm sort of. maybe. i knew i'd know the perfect one when i saw it. and i saw it. and it was the only one i wanted. here it is.

funny thing. i just got this tote bag. it matches perfectly, but i didn't mean it to. if you like these bags, my s-i-l is a consultant and would appreciate the biz. i love these bags!

and i got this large tote for the soccer gear.

i opted for a belt holster for my phone because i don't like carrying it in my pocket. so i got this.

my most recent television obsession is parks and recreation. i love this show!! so funny. talk about must-see-tv. this shirt was featured on the recent episode 'harvest festival'. i had to get it.
so this is the shopping i've done over the last 2 months. sorry i've been gone so long. miss you!


Shannon said...

Your new blog background is kinda similar to your new phone hardcover. :) By the way, it's about time to see some activity on this page!!! I definitely still need to figure out my own phone situation. Alas....

Tricia B. said...

That's awesome that you got the shirt! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show. Season 1 wasn't so good but my husband and I really wanted to like it. To our surprise and enjoyment they revamped Season 2, so it's our new favorite!