Saturday, May 14, 2011

dear walmart,

i know the idea of l.e.i. bra camis is good in theory; however, i have a beef with them. they are relatively easy to put on, but removal requires atleast 1 disjointed shoulder and a lot of wiggling that feels suspiciously like putting on skinny jeans. also, why are underwires always required? also, the use of flimsy lace for straps is ridiculous and not adjustable. what kind of one-size-fits-all world do you think we live in? oh yeah, please state on the tag that these camis are, in fact, underwear. i have seen too many women at theme parks wearing them as tank tops. gross.
l.e.i. may stand for life energy intelligence, but i feel it is saying, "life is too short to be spent in you closet, disrobing. all of your energy will be drained trying to take this off. intelligence was NOT used in this design."


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Holyriver said...

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