Thursday, January 29, 2009

feeling moldy

here are pics of the soap molds i've been working on. they are about 12"x6". i think each should fit 3 lbs. of soap. that's 6-8 bars each. i'm glad i decided to make 2 molds because i kept making mistakes on the first one. the second is nearly perfect. (think mary poppins) i just have to finish the lid and it'll be ready. the ugly one will work just as well as the pretty one. the floor extends on the front to give me a place to measure and cut the bars as i slide them out. pretty smart, eh?

the first one. i had to put beads on the drawer pull screws because the screws were a tad too long.

oops! that nail didn't go in the right place.
my perfect mold.


mom said...

omg... are you from this old house???

Shannon said...

You are so crafty.....I wouldn't have the first idea of where to start with that sort of thing.

Molly the Morgan said...

I just HAVE to tell you that I LOVE your beads to compensate for long screws on handles idea. I have handles I bought (target surplus at goodwill) to put on my goodwill (target surplus) furniture that was missing the hardware, but the screws that accompanied the handles were just too long. The handles currently wobble because I have been too lazy to get out my hacksaw (yes, I AM Bob Vila) and cut them shorter, so BEADS IT IS! Of course, I do have nickel looking ones to better blend in with my handles--not that there's anything wrong with mismatched beads---ok ok there is-aye yi yi--where's your OCD girl? Make me proud!
ha! So I read your blog back to October--LOVE the Jane Austen (have HEARD of her but that's all) dress-you look positively smashing in it-and I like all 3 blouses for your movie night-I hope you wore one & didnt go topless-lol and the mice are so cute! What did Bailey name them? OK, so now you know. thanks for the tips & the laughs.
(see, iiiiii can ramble too---yes one of these days I will start a blog--maybe now. Hmmmm. or later.)

Molly said...

I have a blog now-so you can read MINE. :-)