Thursday, July 3, 2008

my dream house does exist

sort of. remember my dream house?

well, it does indeed exist.

but no one lives in it. rather, no one can live in it.

it only exists in the canada section of epcot. i wonder if you can hire the people who build for theme parks to build residences. i love those shops at busch gardens, williamsburg, that look like a house built in the trunk of a tree. i mean, they're made to last a long time and withstand commercial use. so, why can't you live there, right? this house is a little small. i guess i would build it over a huge subterranean house that has strategically placed solutubes in the ground to provide good natural lighting. i need to sit and ponder this...


Jana said...

Your posts are always so entertaining. I'm also starting to think you never stay home. Seems like you get away on lots of little vacations and reunions. Fun for you! When are you gonna come see me? Wisconsin has some interesting houses that jus mightbe your new dream house. We call them the gingerbread houses. Very kitschy.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blogs. I love the family picture of the kids-wow that's alot!