Wednesday, April 30, 2008

what did she say???

i am not embarrassed to say that i have avidly been following american idol this season. i have not done so since the clay aiken syndrome. so we're down to 5 and i voted for david cook last night. i really want him to win. he's the best of the 5 and i would buy his cd. fo sho. what was paula talking about last night? she commented on jason castro's second song and he had only sung one song. it left her feeling empty??? seriously, is she on drugs? her incoherent ramblings all season do not bode well for my chances of watching next season. we got caught into this season because of the writer's strike. congrats, american idol! now don't let me down, let's make david cook win.

pray for my gal, shannon, and her family. her mom's cancer surgery is this morning.

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