Monday, August 30, 2010

my homage to newdressaday

here's my $1 dress:

this little number caught me with the vibrant flowers and it's shapelessness. hahaha! but i thought, 'i can do something with this.'
so i cut off the top and made it strapless. added elastic to the top. ripped the seams on the sides for side slits. hemmed it. added a halter. sewed a snap whose other half was attached to a ribbon with a fab silk flower. a little empire waist, yo!

fun top! the ribbon is removable for laundering.


Lisa said...

How cute is that!?! You're so creative!

Shannon said...

It did look really good last night. I had no idea it was something you made until you said something, which I guess is good, if it looks like you bought it at a store like that. Definitely a fun, summery top.

mom said...


cheri said...

luff it, bravo. can i send you all my clothes in need of makeovers?

noordinarysparrow said...

Such a great remake on an not so great dress. Well done! I am still afraid to tackle things like hemming, elastic, buttons, etc... I basically only sew straight lines.

Abel said...

is beatiful.. the cat...jajaja