Sunday, August 22, 2010

gettin' lucky

how many of you joined the lucky magazine online buying club thingy just to get the cute red handbag?
come one... you know you did. then you got this medium-sized smashed nylon thing in the mail 4-6 weeks later.
i haven't used it yet because i wanted to snazz, yes, snazz it up a bit. what to do, what to do. i decided on some black ribbon action, since i still had some from my alice dress. but first, i wanted to put some feet on it. i took some navy (close enough to black, and i would never use them for anything else) buttons and clipped the loop off the backs and hot glued them in place.
then, i started on the ribbons. the first one, i tacky glued. messy, yucky. so i got out the hot glue.

i snipped the backs off of the featured buttons and ran my middle line of ribbon.
then, what was i to do with the back? i didn't have enough buttons to do the same. since the front looks kind of like a blouse (remember that time, the people were chanting my name? and i used my strength to rip my blouse? i remember you getting knocked unconscious!) i decided to do the back like a criss-cross lace-up.
i added tiny bows for accents.
last thing (more is more!) was to do something with the handles... more ribbon, a little thicker.
and i had 4 buttons left, so...
so my completed product is like, such as...


and for you, mom, i put my charm on my bracelet. hope you like it...

just some little hot glue hairs. i got them off post-picture taking.


mom said...

oh oh oh... ok... I'm so excited you wrote more blog!!! No.. change that to, blogged some more! The purse changes... stunning! Inspirational! chic! love it and it gave me some ideas. I like putting "feet" on the bottom of purses idea. Also, the charm looks great on your wonderful bracelet! Good usage! Thank you, dahling, for using and wearing things I get you! love, mom

tinkhomie said...

oh i like the back! i mean, it looks too good to be hidden, you'll have to swap arms occasionally.

Tricia B. said...

You're so talented! I love what you did to the bag! Sooo jealous!