Friday, August 27, 2010

a quick project

i made this for dot instead of doing housework. :{

my inspiration: a "plush book". the monster book of monsters
i used a journal that i had meticulously copied harry potter class info into years ago (before dot could even read) and made it into this:

i simply cut out cardboard the size of the front and back covers. cut out 1 piece of plush that would cover the entire book. cut out felt teeth and pink plush gums. and just started hot gluing everything in place.
plush to cardboard, teeth to book, gums to teeth, cardboard to front cover, plush to cardboard, cardboard to back cover.

alex likes it

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Shannon said...

It looks really good. I remember weeks ago talking about that idea of making a monster's book of monsters. Just think, soon, we ourselves will be making the hallowed trek to Harry Potter world.