Tuesday, June 26, 2007

eyes without a face

so tink and i go to this billy idol concert. it was rather small, one of those parking lot concerts. at the end he invites a rather large group to party with him. tink and i are standing there, and i'm like, 'hey, what about us?!'
'hmmm,' he says as he looks me over, 'let me see your eyes.' so i take off my sunglasses, glad that i had paid careful attention to my eye make-up. he gives me another quick look-over and says, 'no way, man, you've got sponges for eyeballs!'


Shannon said...

for him to make that comment, he must have been high haha

tinka wit' it said...

so i take it you watched the wedding singer and sponge bob square pants lastnight?

{ps: i would never pay to see billy idol in concert}

morninglory kitsch said...

oh, we didn't pay. and it was a horrible BI impersonator on 'the next best thing'. by the way, the whole time you were wearing rollerblades.
i would love to see BI in concert.