Friday, June 22, 2007

another disappointing movie

the fountain.
okay, i missed it in the theatre. i don't remember seeing adds for the dvd release. so i bought it on ppv. tivo and all.
i settled in to watch it all snuggly in my bed.
it starts with hugh as a conquistador in south america somewhere. and he is having flashbacks to the queen sending him off. like 3 second scenes with no talking. he makes it thru this temple and encounters some mayan priest who stabs him and slashes at him with a torch. screaming...
now, in the meditating buddha position, we have hugh bald, looking like nosferatu. floating in a bubble where his companion is a tree. he flies down and lands lightly next to the tree. he then proceeds to have a repetition of the same flashback over and over.
we find out that rachel weis is his wife and she has a brain tumor. he is a doctor trying to find a cure for her. he operates on monkeys. he figures out that if he adds this compound from south american tree to some medication, it should work. they try it on the monkey who proceeds to get younger and healthier while the tumor stays put. his wife dies just before he discovers that he would've been able to remove her tumor safely if she had been treated with this new mix. several repeated flashbacks later, we realize that noferatu hugh is floating in this bubble through space to a nebula with the tree which is now his wife, so that when they are sucked into the nebula and explode, their new lives can begin.

weird, weird, weird

and a waste of my energy. very dark, quiet and disappointing for a hugh jackman film that i thought would be a love story about a couple who drank from the fountain of youth centuries ago and we follow them through time. that's what it should have been about!


tinka wit' it said...

i could have told you it sucked and saved you the four bucks. i wouldn't mind seeing more conquisitor hugh.

Shannon said...

I, too, watched it in full last night. I actually enjoyed it though. The conquistador part is the story she was writing because she was fascinated with the Mayan myth of this tree. I think the end message (and what I gained from the movie) was that in the end, we fight so hard to keep and maintain life and the fact is, it will end. Instead of spending so much time trying to find cures and beat death, spend every possible moment with your loved ones because realistically they will one day die. I think that is what they were trying to convey when at the end he chose to go out in the snow with her as opposed to staying and working on the monkey. (My take on the movie)

morninglory kitsch said...

i wouldn't mind seeing more 'working on the monkey' hugh.
sorry, i couldn't help it.

Shannon said...

I like Hugh in the kitchen scene shirtless in Someone Like You. :)

David Vogel said...

the movie worked great for a sleeping pill. it also was an excellent make out movie. Nobody will worry about missing any of this movie