Wednesday, June 20, 2007

who would i be?

babette? no. although i feel as disconjointed as her sometimes.

miss patty? no.

liz, gypsy, lulu? no, no, no.

i'm not a rory or a lane.

would that make me sort of a lorelei, i do have an emily in my life.

elizabeth could be a lane, i think.

every lorelei needs her sookie.

i just read that amy sherman-palladino (sp) wants to do a 2 hour GG reunion movie. just what i've been saying for a month!!!


Shannon said...

Elizabeth is definitely Lane. Music knowledge of strange bands- check; funky style- check; good friend- check; would be in a band if opportunity arose and married to a guy who digs music as much as she does-check

embee said...

OMG!!! where di you read that? link a girl up! i am huge gilmore fan. actually watching my season 2 dvd right NOW!

Mysteri said...

Hm, I would have never pegged you as the Gilmore Girl type, but as I think about it (and my memory serves me right) you are a Lorelei, which is a good thing, she's always been my favorite character. Gilmore fan from the beginning!