Monday, June 4, 2007

i'm not josie grossie anymore!!!!

but i once was.

in junior high i was sooo josie grossie. i had nothing going for me. bad hair: check. braces: check. glasses: check. baby fat: check. questionable hygiene: check. few friends: double check.

maybe some of you (all 4 of you) reading this have seen never been kissed and thought, things aren't really that bad. people don't really do those things. think again. if you were treated like this yourself, let me know and we can compare notes. if you treated someone like this, shame on you. here is just a sampling:

having the nicknames dead grass (which evolved into), weedwacker - because of my frizzle frazzle hair

every boy in the class tossing little paper wads into my hair because it would stick

having a phone relationship with a boy for weeks only to find out that it was 2 girls in my class prank calling me - and everyone knew

being elected class president, but then the class is convinced by a cool guy that they should impeach me

having a particularly gifted artist render a drawing of me simpson's-style. very unflattering

being allowed to select our own seats in a class based on gpa. i was first, and then no one sat within a 6 foot radius of me by the end of it

being asked (in a mocking way) by a very large mean girl why my teeth were yellow - do you see the irony?

being ambushed by a gang of boys and totally covered in shaving cream. it was supposed to be an initiation for our new youth pastor. we were given cans of gillette and told to get him, but they surrounded me, and i became stay puft. surprisingly not as fun as it sounds

going to a new school (new start, right?) and having the amazon twins shove me in a shower in the locker room. yeah, and the water was on. and cold

high school past with me being neither popular or unpopular - i simply did not exist.

my renaissance came when i went to college (albeit a concentration camp with the barbed wire pointed in) and was blessed with a few of the best friends a girl could have. and in a nonconformist sort of way, we were popular. i was popular! swarms of guys around us like flies on a carcass. granted, i never dated any of them.

but tink did. love you!!

i'm not josie grossie anymore.

i'm not josie grossie anymore.

i'm not josie grossie anymore!


tinker said...

i'm sorry. i can't ever imagine you going through any of that stuff. kids are mean. i got tossed in a garbage can once. and i'm pretty sure everyone made fun of me behind my back. a lot.

tinker said...

swarms of guys. haha. i didn't date all of them. not the ones that jana was crushing on anyway. which was all of them.

morninglory kitsch said...

i've come to the realization that i forgive these 'kids' and that they made me who i am today.

tinker said...

btw, i love michael vartan. yum. and i own this movie. just to watch him fumbling with words on the ferry ride. double yum.

embee said...

aww i'm sad for you. kids probably made fun of me behind my back, i was too busy talking to myself to notice.

atleast they didn't make you play jiggly ball.

Kelly said...

i, too, had the glasses, braces, frizzy hair, etc. thankfully, that was just mainly in 7th-8th grade. but i did go to pca, so our class was only about 50. so i was in my own clique, and didn't get teased THAT much in high school. and my senior year, i think i was pretty popular. i got teased enough in jr high to make up for it, though. even having one of my best guy friends tell one of my best girl friends that he didn't know why anyone would ever want to date me. nice.

tinker said...

i would date you kelly! if, you know, this was massachusetts.

morninglory kitsch said...

jiggly ball?
they did say that when the bus was bouncing that my double chin fat jiggled. and now he's in my myspace friends list.

Marybeth said...

jiggly ball, scrubs reference.

Molly said...

testing----before I type and type and have it say, sorry you must be a registered user to do that!

Molly (not so Corny) said...

1. Your hair wasn't that bad--at least you didn't "home perm" like Kathy...or did you?

2. The boys were soooooooo cruel. Just be glad it wasn't gum!

3. I didn't know. Who did that?

4. Justin wasn't so cool. He should have been im-pEARed. Ha, remember those big (like I am one to talk) red ears?

5. That was most definitely MikeH.

6. GPA based seats? Was that in North Florida?

7. I see the irony. Was the large girl Becky F.?

8. Which boys? I remember that initiation. I had fun! Weren't we friends, then? Why didn't I protect you?

9. new school--not applicable

10. high school--ditto

11. College is good like that. There is a place for everyone--no matter what "status" others THOUGHT they had in Jr.High/High School. Some say it is because college agers are more mature...I think it is because there is more diversity overall.

By the way, I never thought you were Josie Grossie. Not even when I chipped your tooth! I may have been a little upset if you contributed to the Molly Corny bop! But I always considered you cool. Besides, you owned sooooo many BOP magazines, and I had ZERO! At least your MOM was cooler than my Granny! LOL.

morninglory kitsch said...

1. never permed
3. kim bruge and laura j
4. i socked justin in the ear once - only because he turned his head. i would've got him square in the eye.
6. mr. clay's math class
7. diami escobar
8. both cook's, both disch's, two others i can't remember
btw, i had to hide my bop mags from my dad. and i always had to get the most innocuous looking ones.