Thursday, June 7, 2007

bus driver butt

i drove over 7 hours straight yesterday to visit me mum. we went through 4 movies.
finding nemo
home on the range
harry potter and the goblet of fire
all i had was a few bites of a bad gas station sandwich and a few cheez-its washed down with a little gatorade.
my bro graduates today and won't be at my sister's wedding, so it's my last chance to see him before college.
my friend wrote a song she wants me to sing and we got together last week so she could sing it for me as a demo.
how many more disconjointed sentences of roughly the same length can i type out before i run out of ideas?
happy june 7 to everyone!

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Shannon said...

you know, i wonder, had you done just straight out harry potter flicks, how many you would have fit in....2...3 maybe???? What about LOTR? One and a half haha. on day that may be an option....then you'd get through one harry potter book