Tuesday, November 13, 2007

some dentists really are evil

here's the timeline:

*take dot to the dentist for cleaning (i already knew she had cavities and told them 3 months ago.
*they schedule work for dec. 12.
*dentist office calls to tell me he won't be there dec. 12 and they'll re-schedule for february. (!)
not acceptable, i tell them. okay, i'll have the office manager call you back.
*i call a different office and they can get me in on monday, and do the work. yippee!
*we go to a lovely office, beautiful. he tells me that he cannot do the work needed for her. i have to take her to a pediatric dentist/surgeon. great. no general dentist would be able to do what needs doing.
*now i am heart-broken for her and mad as heck at the yahoo who wanted me to wait another 4 months and couldn't just tell me that he can't do it.
*i am also out $200 because the insurance won't cover a second visit/cleaning/x-rays. ever heard of second opinion?
*i cry.
*i call the ped. dentist he had mentioned, they are not taking new patients. i ask them for a name of another ped. dentist. they won't give me one. call your dentist back and ask them for a referrel. jerks.
*i call the new dentist back. she says, do you have a phone book? yeah, thanks for nothing.
*i call another office. they can see her tomorrow AND start work. sigh of relief. thank you so much!!!!!
*i get home to a message, 'i just need to ask you one more question.'
*i call back.
*i checked with your insurance, if we do the consult and the work on the same day, the insurance won't pay, so we'll just have to schedule you for the next day.
*by the way, our original dentist office still has not called back on the reschedule.

in a matter of six days, we will have gone to a dentist 3 times. make that 4 times in 7 days. so sick of this and how many times is the school going to let me check her out early???


Shannon said...

if you want to go on a rampage, I'll go with you

tinka said...

i'll give you an emotions heimlich {sp?}.

Anonymous said...

Did you call Dr. Ron Rozanski? He's the BEST pediatric dentist! My kids love going there, even if it's to get a tooth pulled! There is probably a wait to get in to him, but WELL worth it! I'll try to call you this week. Your grandmother baked us some yummy cookies, she is doing so great!

Love, Belinda