Tuesday, November 27, 2007


i must say, last night's episode of chuck was really good. heroes brought it, too. i'm down to being sick of only half of the wonder-less twins now that sylar (my close personal friend) offed one last night. there will be no pushing daisies this week due to some special on abc that night.


last wednesday, i went with two friends to see august rush. as much as i love (luuuuuuuuuuuuv) johnathan rhys meyers (above), i just feel unsatisfied with the movie. it's a weird music-spawned version of oliver twist in which always cute and believable freddie highmore plays evan (august rush) lost in new york searching for the parents (meyers & keri russell) he never knew. the worst is robin williams, looking like u2's bono, as the seemingly caring, yet ultimately malevolent fagan character. you absolutely hate him and wish he would get run over by a subway train, arrested violently or at least punched out by smokin' meyers. but no, he gets to spend his last moment of the film underground, playing his harmonica and continuing his life of exploiting the musical talents of 'poor orphans and runaways' (a ragged army, without a leader...). like a symphony, at the climax of the film, there's evan/august conducting an orchestra. his music has, as he said from the beginning, drawn his parents to him and to back each other whom they haven't seen since the one night they met 12 years ago. they don't say a word, just standing there watching their son (she knows, he doesn't) and little evan feels it and turns and sees them together - somehow knowing that they're his parents, though he's never seen them before. the end. no resolution. no flash forward. i need more info, people!
it was like biting into and chewing the most delicious toasted sandwich with melted havarti, bacon, avocado and a pesto mayo and it's warm with crisp bitter greens on a buttery croissant, and then: 'whoops, spit it out now. you've had a taste. that's all you get.'
the satisfaction is in the conclusion: the swallowing, as it were. and this movie sorely misses that last, important step.
i should be paid for this.


dramaqueen said...

OMG, your wording is incredible!! u need to send it to new york or something to movie critics.com or something... wow, u totally unleashed, girl!

Shannon said...

Being a movie critic would be fun haha. I liked it but I agree they needed to forward in the future and show us the happy family.

Kelly said...

wow - it looked really good from the previews! your review has definitely made me reconsider seeing it.