Thursday, November 29, 2007

pushing daisies, starring: ned schneebly????

i was shocked and delighted to see school of rock alumn, mike white (aka the real ned schneebly), in pushing daisies last night. it did air (at 9 pm)!! it also guested molly shannon. unfortunately, ned schneebly (not his character's name in the pd episode), did not live very long. neither did seinfeld nemesis, banya (not sure of the spelling). 'it's gold, jerry! gold!'
oh, ned (the real, pushing daisies, ned. pie-maker ned), why did you tell chuck you killed her dad????? this does not bode well.

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dramaqueen said...

truly a mistake to tell her. now where is she and how will she ever forgive him? i didn't get all that other ned schneebly stuff you were spouting. If you watch LIFE, there's gonna be TWO, count 'em, TWO!!!! episodes next week... Monday and Wednesday. oh he's so zencool.... sigh