Monday, January 7, 2008

plant fetishes and home life

in my mind's eye, i'm going crazy with the planting and gardening and it's going to look beautiful out there. i can't wait. trees and climbing flowers and vegetables. then there's the flat screen that will be here this week. yea verily! and the hubby is giving up the hunting lease in ga, and selling the camper! hooray! he also partially approved the dismissal of our bedroom furniture. we're still discussing the particulars about the bed. then, there's the issue of him making up to me being gone two weekends in a row. i'm thinking trip to o-town to indoctrinate him in the ways of ikea. and shop around for the lovely new european bed.


Shannon said...

Brilliant, of course.....get him to think the new stuff is his can do it

interested mom said...

it's a good thing he doesn't read your blogs... he'd see your devious mind