Saturday, January 26, 2008

ladies first

i know some of you will not see this until monday, but i couldn't wait. so here goes:

this is elisabeth rohm. she was on 'law & order' for several seasons. she is pregnant. we saw her coming out of the ladies' room after meeting her. so funny. cost of snapshot $5

helen slater. not holding up as well as we would wish. she did play supergirl and starred in 'the legend of billie jean' which i think is awesome.

stacy keanan. some of you may remember her from 'my two dads' and 'step by step' with cute, yet domestic batterer sasha mitchells. we took this pic, then her handler tried to charge us $10. too late. sorry, stace.

zoe bell. keep your eyes peeled, she will be appearing on a few episodes in this season of lost. she liked my necklace - which i made. oh, between her shoulder and my chin is the voice behind many a cartoon character including timmy turner, powerpuff girls and rugrats. cool.

tink, remember that show we watched at ben and carrie's house, 'who wants to be a superhero?'? this is fat momma. she is awesome. her utility belt has donuts on it.

'honey, you need to eat...'

also from 'wwtbas?' is monkeywoman. she has the banana utility belt. very nice.

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Shannon said...

You are what time did you get off the computer or are you still messing with the pictures?? haha I personally love them all though!