Wednesday, January 16, 2008

busy, busy day

tonite my sister and her husband are coming over for dinner. i am so busy. and tired. i re-organized and cleaned out my pantry. much easier to see what you have when everything is in groups and in the right place. we have waaaaay too much coffee. especially for people who make it less than 6 times a year. i bought a new calendar. nuns having fun. this month is snow skiing. off to pick up dot from school. then grocery shopping. vacuuming. folding laundry. tidying. cooking. etc. think i'll take a short nap.

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dramaqueenmom said...

u're such an inspiration for me to do the same. hope midge doesn't read this... saying their coming over and right after that, you're so "tired" and "busy".. hmmm. hug each other. gonna have a cuppa joe right now. it's cold, expecting sleeze, i mean sleet.