Friday, January 25, 2008

like manna to the children of miserable

last night i saw a rare, near extinct thing. a new episode of chuck. i have gone without fresh, scripted, primetime network television for an interminable amount of time. and it's not even summer - the land of re-runs and realiTV. there were 2 new episodes aired last night, but, alas the republican debate was scheduled to overrule the second episode. so i'm back to relying on the internet to watch my shows. the only oasis i see is the next seasons of the new adventures of old christine and survivor. though, i hate johnny fairplay.

by the way, this is how zachary levi really looks:


mom said...

omg! zach is wow! i mean, he's not bad as chuck... but as zach... hummina mummina

Tipitee said...

OMGosh - he's hot.

And that's your best Meez ever! I love it!