Sunday, January 27, 2008

let's hear it for the boys, part 2

for the few of you who've known me since high school, the following entries will make sense. everyone else, bear with me...

yes, with a 5 year-old brother, i watched 'the mighty morphin power rangers'. the original, not all these crazy new generations. my favorite was tommy the green ranger. i had an action figure of tommy that i would keep in the front pocket of my overalls. (hahaha) this is tommy the green ranger. as rob schneider would say, 'lookin' good!'

i was also a huge 'x-files' freak. this is smoking man. he would always be in the shadows knowing things and hardly speaking. nice man. $10

also with a guest spot on x-files (check my previous entry). talking to the enigma was like talking to anyone else. really.

nathan fillion has been on two guys and a girl, serenity, firefly, waitress, one life to live, etc.


tinka tonka. said...

well if you had said serenity i would have known who you were talking about. oh, and they made you pay to take pictures with them?? what the heck...they have 'handlers'? that's just funny to me. like they're a herd or something. do they get branded?

tinkerwiththis said...

i already commented. see ^.

ps: stop sending stuff to my cell, i get charged for it. sucka.

tinkastinka said...

oh, and i'm cheap, so i don't want to pay for it. sucka.