Monday, April 16, 2007

incense & peppermint

so since i was all alone this weekend, i rented several movies. none of which i had seen. here is my take on what i saw:
scoop - hugh jackman and some other people i'm pretty sure are famous. it was a lite-hearted woody allen movie about a serial killer. much unlike his bulky wolverine character we all love to drool over, a tall, slender hugh is enchanting as a possible villian, but still heart-skippingly hot.

marie antoinette - the new kirsten dunst flick about indulgence and over spending. i really started to wonder how long it was goin to take to consumate the marriage, so i read a history book about the real antoinette before it was hinted to have happened on screen.

aeon flux - charlize theron stars in this futuristic movie about upheaval in a utopian society that thrives on scientifically driven cloning/reincarnation. based on the mtv cartoon, but with more clothes. it was interesting and i almost want to check out the old cartoons to see how it compared.

superman returns - new comer brandon routh takes on the tights in this fantastic action packed sequel to the 1980's series of films, sparking renewed interest in the hunky hero. brandon routh as superman is truly hunky, but not so much as clark. this shows how innovative of an actor he is. most previous superdudes (duds) relied on the glasses to hide their super-persona. brandon becomes two people (truth) as believably as haley mills in the parent trap (sarcasm) - but with much better special effects.

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tinkerstinker said...

cousin's husband did most of the work on aeon flux. he created the city basically. he has mad painting skills.