Friday, October 5, 2007

summer of the spiders, meet fall of the frogs!!

this summer, our property was overrun with these unsightly beasts.

they were here for a month or so. and then, as quickly as they showed up, they were gone. it may have had a little to do with my buying joe a fully automatic air soft gun for his birthday, but who knows.

then, come fall and a lot of rain and guess who shows up?

yep, timmy tree frog. they are everywhere. on my car, on my house. occasionally, i'll find an emaciated one in a dust bunny disguise hopping around. what's with the lame plagues?

my dvr did not work right last night and i missed the first 15 minutes of the office. i'll try to catch it online.


Shannon said...

You take really great pictures

morninglory kitsch said...


Anonymous said...

the spider is actually gruesomely beautiful, as long as it's not on your shirt, like this brown goober one was on my chest under my protrusion at work and i screamed and frantically brushed if off and squished it under my shoe. who know so much gobbledygook was inside??? ick. plagues? fall to thy knees, thou wretched, and REPENT!!

Anonymous said...

i really need to proofread my stuff more carefully before i click publish. change "know" to "knew".

morninglory kitsch said...

how do it know?