Wednesday, October 10, 2007

anatomy of a haircut

as you may know, i got my hair cut about 2 weeks ago. after i paid, i felt a little guilty about my tip $4, after i said how i liked my hair. this is the picture i showed her of what i wanted.
she said it was dark, but she thought she knew what i wanted. i should've left right then? this is what i ended up with.
'i think i love you' as much as the next guy, but i don't think i love this look. at least i don't look like danny bonaduce. still, and i'd like some input on this, i wonder if i should just go and get it cut all off so it really looks like my last posted pic.
what do you think? if not, i'll be stuck with cute pigtails for a long time.

okay, it looks more like (exactly like) this.
which would be great, IF IT WAS 1994!!


tinka inka said...

cut it. just do it. plus you'll feel eight pound lighter.

Shannon said...

the question is, does it poof out like Jen Aniston's, or if you flat ironed it, it would be ok?

morninglory kitsch said...

once i sleep on it. poof. if i had product in it, i could make it just like her.

jb said...

cut it. i dare you.

Anonymous said...

cut it when it gets hot again. oh wait, i'm in nc, it's nice and cool here. is it still hot there? hmmm [dramaqueen mom]