Monday, October 8, 2007

in need of a thimble, and, apparently, a good cry

i'm trying to be not just a good mom, but a great mom. i hate buying cheap, polyester costumes that fall apart after one use. i like the quality of handmade. hence, this morning i worked on my son's costume. he's going to be an owl. i found instructions for an easy (albeit more expensive than buying a ready made) costume. wow, let's stop right here and ponder my use of hence and albeit. okay, the costume consists of a hoodie sweatshirt, some shaggy fleece (i bought chenille) and a couple of feather boas. everything was moving along nicely, until i told my mom that it was 'so easy and going so quickly'. that was when the evil eye's attention was directed on me. for the last 4" of stitching, i broke 4 sewing needles. then, as i hand tacked the wing tips to the sleeves, i impaled my right thumb with the dull, eye end of the needle.
it bled a lot for a tiny puncture 1/4" deep. so i bandaged up my sore thumb and set about using the handle of my scissors to coax my needle through what would be the last 3 stitches. the force shoved the sharp end of the needle under the nail of my left thumb about 3/4" deep.
i shouted 'dang it!' then i proceeded to cry and then bawl and wail. it hurt. bad. and i was frustrated and mad. so i called my mom and told her everything. and do you know what she told me? cry it all out. cry about everything. use this opportunity to have a good cry. by the end of the call i was feeling better. i thought. i was watching elizabethtown while working on this project and stabbed my thumbs during the funeral. i went and made a turkey sandwich because i hadn't eaten anything all day. and i thought about my friend who is God-knows-where doing something dangerous for our country. and he is one of the nicest people you could ever know. and i prayed for him and started crying again. me and my sandwich went back to my room. and i pushed play and then cried some more to 'free bird' being played at a funeral. the fire and the sprinklers, and they kept playing. and i sat eating my sandwich and crying while orlando bloom had a conversation with his dad who was now in an urn. and he cried and i cried. i'm still crying a little, but i feel a lot better.

jb, please you and melissa come to the halloween party i'm throwing on nov. 3. it's not at my house, though. and it's a movie theme - come as characters from a movie.


tinkastinka said...

that was me. on saturday. as i was driving myself home from target on my birthday.

tinkastinka said...

and don't cry. at least you're pretty now ;)

Anonymous said...

Jeezaloueeza, just reading that makes me feel like i said something so profound, so deep-dish, so pontificating that i even impress myself. I'm more impressed with the albeit and hence, however. Every mom knows that if their child hurts, mom feels it too, I don't care how old that child is. btw, I need to watch that Elizabethtown next time I need a good cry. Thanks babe.

Molly said...

Didn't your Mom also run a sewing machine needle THROUGH her thumb once? No wonder she told you to have a good cry. Well, glad you are done crying now. :-)