Thursday, October 18, 2007

more in love with ned than ever

okay. if you're not watching, i'm just droning on and on about some tv show. but if you are watching, you know that 'pushing daisies' is the best new show on. it's only had 3 episodes, but i love it even more at the end of each new show. and i think, 'okay, i can't like it any more than i do now'. but every week i'm proved wrong. if you're not watching, you are missing out!

p.s. i'm gonna see if i've got some plastic wrap.


Anonymous said...

How about some Chuck updates? I love that show, it's a sleeper surprise.

Shannon said...

I actually watched Pushing Daisies last night, and what I love is how it is narrated, and I love the color scheme of it. It is like a story rather than a sitcom.

tinka tinka, wha said...

i like that they always announce everyones age in years days hours and minutes. but i missed the last half of lastnight show, i'll have to finish it tonight.

and chuck is hilarious. i think i had a dream about him lastnight. he couldn't go home cause he lost his car key. and i magically had it in the back pocket of my jeans. so then we were best friends. wierd right?

morninglory kitsch said...

you need to visit a dream website, because there are some pretty heavy cues in just the synopsis of what you wrote.