Tuesday, October 16, 2007

if you keep your dog from pooping on my porch, i'll try to keep my dog from killing your chickens

an even trade, don't you think? poor jack. he's really sweet and smart. but he runs from me when i call him and he is desperate to get at the chickens next door. meanwhile, their dog comes over to poop on my doorstep. i don't know what to do. he needs to run. he has terrier in him.


tinkastinka said...

nice. is that what that dead thing you posted a picture of was??

Anonymous said...

omg, i just got another chapter heading from your blog... just like the one you said before, "if you let my mom stay up at night..."
thank you dahlink!!! poor jack, i see a farm in the future for him and some air pellets at the little chiquita dog from next door. or is it from that big one on the other side? btw, have i told you how funny you are? it's so hard to keep up! momkins