Monday, June 2, 2008

not jonesing after this weekend

i went to see indiana jones this weekend. i did not get chills. it was enjoyable, but indy is getting very old, and has lost that 'i have a way out of this' twinkle in his eye. karen allen, although it was great to see her reprise her role as marian ravenwood, did better in the first installment than as a middle-aged school girl who has lost her spit-fire. shia labeouf is good in everything he's in. it was okay, but left me wanting to see the third one again. oh well.


mom and on and on and on said...

i know what you mean, from your point of view, but i don't mind seeing indy age, it was his last fling to leave room for maybe shia being the new mutt jones!! HE can have some rousing adventures for a whole new age group! karen, i think, was a little stilted maybe, in her acting, but i saw her in a mag and she's 56 and FABulous!! very interested in knitting, just like me!

Tipitee said...

yeah... I saw it too and agree on all points. Grandpa Jones and the Kingdom just didn't do it for me. =P

Loved Shia LeBeouf though.

tinka what what said...

can you see the hulk this weekend and let me know how it is? this review saved me ten bucks. thanks.