Monday, August 3, 2009

some shopping success

so i got this outfit at ann taylor loft with tink. she said, 'pair it with a jean jacket and a red beaded necklace.' on saturday, i found this jean jacket at goodwill!
on saturday night, while hubby watched cops and america's most wanted, i made this necklace.
and then i wore it all on sunday. yay!


mom said...

wow! I bet you looked fantastic! how did you do the closing on the necklace? love the all-put-together look

Shannon said...

It did turn out really good, and you forgot to add that you wore the muted red shoes you had bought when we went to DSW with it. It definitely worked really well.

tinker loves you said...

i'm brilliant! no, really, i am.

Jana said...

How lovely, got to love Anne Taylor. I never find anything good at our goodwill. Hip Hip Hooray for a great bargain resulting in a fabulous outfit!