Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a new endeavor...

have you ever read an entire book while you were at barnes & noble? i have a few times. don't get me wrong, it wasn't war and peace or some other endless tome. i recently came across a book while with my sis. we both read the entire thing and laughed heartily. i was back this evening and decided that i needed to purchase said book and pass its goodness on to you, my loyal readers. [both of you]
it is:
i am neurotic (and so are you)
by lianna kong

kong compiled a list of neurotic tendencies that people entered on her site:

and i am here to share some of them, a little at a time, with you. i may interject some neuroses of my own, but i might not tell you which. i thoroughly encourage you to add your own or if you find someone else experiences the same thing you do, comment on the likeness. i love to see that we all share some neuroses.

so here is segment #1


food on my plate cannot touch other food. any part that has touched has to be placed to the side on the plate and not eaten.i consider it contaminated.

i am very picky about my chocolate chip cookies. i'll separate the batter into forty-eight tablespoon balls, and then add twelve chocolate chips to each ball. they are much tastier with the perfect number of chocolate chips.

i have precisely 20 nuts every morning before 11:00. these are counted out of the packet individually using a homemade cardboard nut counter, which consists of 5 rows or 4 equally marked-out squares.

i can only eat the middle of foods, like chips, eggs, or sandwiches. i leave all the crusts in a perfect form so they make up the shape again.

i hate tomatoes. yet whenever i order a sandwich, i deliberately order it with tomatoes and then pick them off. this way i keep what i call the 'essence of tomato'. i don't like sandwiches that don't have the essence.


Shannon said...

Ok so I think that last one is you. Now I know you love cherry and grape tomatoes or I am just confusing you with someone who does haha. I am fairly sure however that I have not seen you eat normal tomato. Hmm....I know the rest aren't you..haha...this is fun

mom said...

ok, plain crazy people. I'll think of some of my own.

mom said...

I've got to say again how much I love the background of your page? I wish I had a 1) notebook cover; 2) wallpaper; 3) wall painted like that; 4) a blazer, top or dress; I'll think of more later.

tinka stinka said...

time to update love, i'm bored!!

Tricia B. said...

Honestly, this isn't me. I have a friend that cuts her mashed potatoes into small squares and eats one square at a time! I never knew they needed cutting, but to each their own.