Thursday, March 4, 2010

remember that time...

that i said i was going to make an 'alice in wonderland' dress? here's how far i've gotten:

this is the dress my mom wore in my wedding. it was sleeveless and had a short jacket. i cut off the straps, cut it off at the knee and added another slit.
i've now added an empire a-line skirt that comes to the shin with a sheer gathered skirt on top. black lace completes the hem.
now for the ribbon-wrapped top.


Shannon said...

Your skill is amazing.....I wish I had just 1% of the creativity, skill, and artistic talent that you possess. haha Thats why it is a good thing that you are my friend...I need to take more advantage....hmm think early shannon about halloween....have a plan before summer

morninglory kitsch said...

that means so much to me. everytime. if you only knew how much thought and work and tweaking just went into these first couple of steps.